Hunter’s Moon 2019

zoom out

spot the patterns

I am prime

No is complete

I choose 


over plots, however 

L’uomo Vitruviano bows

his golden ratio to my feet


shuddering trees


When foot falls atop pavement, 

even the wind, Lent et d é tach é

smells of Air de l’ordre,

spilling it’s golden ratio out

stuttering palimpsest of 

humane ‘vestigates

I do believe in Rituals

But I also believe in accidents

like La Mer

or φillo,,,,… perfectly crumby

blooming flour on a plate

the spiraling dreams you see

staring back up, Narcissus

in your coffee cup

but which point is node

and which is zenith?

O, o, narkao, narkao

Leave me to the daffodils…

Hello? Who’s there?

Who’s there?

the Sum of my heat

Open air

I cannot open myself

I cannot close

We lost our luggage

in the place no one goes

to find trinity,


A whole rose-bush, peeling

revealing rotted roots of the family tree


Inside the pen

wrapped in veins

a pink truth laps 


a passionate haze.

This strange instrument

Settling into bed, back to front

train cars calling pridefully from dusk covers

The railway signals, stars on my knee bloodied by

fatherhood and healing

Your breath blossoms, clarity on my back

and I cannot tell if your kisses are muscle memory

acting on your heart’s accord

Like music I try to set free from this strange

instrument, my body

I can’t seem to give that to you lately

intimacy and tenderness are old friends,

contacts I seem to have ripped up and forgotten

Like fire I try to put out by blowing harder

on cinders

I want to grow with you, but I think of people

as faces in the bathroom mirror

Fogginess is an excuse to touch them, 

dimness is to shine my light brighter,

When I look and don’t see anyone on the other side, it’s hard to say whether I want anyone there

or if I wish

for once in this God damn life

that I would appear, instead of these strange strangers

These thorny humans

All I see in the mirror is a pupil, too stubborn to open itself

and let some fucking light in

I only feel comfortable when I’m shedding my leaves

Love and Anger, Beside the Burning Bush

One, covered in glitter like

dust, is ancienne. Aged. Cheese

and wine, from countless parties.

Revelry for existence, and how far

we came.

The other, a dance on bare feet.

Tip-toeing around the other,

ever outward. Every whirling dervish

secret that we can’t predict, like nature.

Cosmic, and hungry.

One, dried petals, and a rusty

bike chain. Old freedoms, given

in offering. Burnt auburn sunset

hair, tied back.

The other, moments raging

like the sun which only can spread.

Everything looks still from afar,

yet, you know the sparkle means something

special is brewing. An ocean stews

up a storm, just for you,

you lioness. You firebird.

Keep dancing.

36 Years of War (Or, However Old She is, Now)

I open my eyes in a crowded arcade.

Dusty machines and underhanded victories

spill out from slots we call, doors.

There are friends here. Drunks, spilling out

from slots we call, doors.

I wrestle with the idea of freedom. It nearly

wins; winding up to pounce like spring-time,

the lion of Judah.

I open my eyes in a dim Virginian apartment.

Compartmentalized candlelit shabbas,

dipped in wine and a daughter who is not

a good daughter holds me in her arms

like a good sister. She learned Hebrew

to impress a boy who barely could speak

enough English to pay her child-support.

I open my eyes and I am in a siren-soaked

supermarket. I am told they are looking for

Ishtar, over an intercom. 

A google search easily sheds her

secrets. Leaves pixels streaming like

a mother’s tears. Any kiss left from this

goddess’s lipstick will sear into you

like war. Like Judas, on fire. Like a 13 year old,

arrested for seducing a train-ride away

from home.

I open my eyes again, and a bearded man

shakes my hand, asking: have you seen

this woman? I shake my head: no one has. 

Not even Venus recognizes her own

divinity, when she’s used to car-sex and

smoke filled aspiration.

People are running all around me!

They look like they’re running from

some rampant snarling beast.

I open my eyes, and I’m sitting with

my misery, my shame, my monster,

and my name. Two of these rhyme,

and none are sane. So, I greet them.

Hello misery; you look so familiar.

A picture of me, etched by charcoal

fingers. Shame says nothing, as usual.

My monster is bound by a mirror, I keep

in hand. My name asks me why I came here.

I say: I’m looking for my family.

My name scoffs; is that why you replaced me?

Is that why you’ve replaced the past?

No! I say, I haven’t the money to afford that.

I open my eyes and we’re at a long-table.

The truth sits at the head, waiting.

We are misery, shame, a monster, my name,

and me.

I am misery, shame, a monster, my name,

and me. All sharing a meal. Sardonic salad

tossed like pencil shavings in the

plastic sharpener-vat.

I close my eyes when the mirror-bound

monster asks; did you lose your way? 

Is that why your mother cries herself to sleep?

I l__p onto shame. WE ARE NOT THE SAME!

I open my eyes — CRACK. My pencil broke

against this page. I hold up the mirror,

and my monster claims: A pencil will snap when 

pressed with enough pain.


Poppy seeds scatter across my keyboard.

Chattering songbirds pick them,

as if planted;

as if they prayed for this black mana.

I garde apples in my car, beside the

mallet my mother gave me for self defense,

for another chance at being her handy

man. Her expert supplier, unable to 

differentiate rage from femininity. Unable

to dissociate sticks of arrows from

fragility. Opium & arsenic & lilac wine:

Embalming embers of passion, closed thighs

wrapped in twine. Take a pin-up of

my spine on full display; this, 

my weapon

of choice.


the strongest pronoun

I can give to the world

is the weakest I can give

to my lover.

You did not leave me unprepared,

mother. You did not strangle me

with your tears. I can still breathe

the window air. 

Oviparous obligations be damned


When the flock vanished

there were no seeds left.

In their places; the faintest

featherweight intentions,

& an echo of wings

on my lips.

Poem a day drafts 39-46 (Portraits 1-7)

Human’s gate to heaven

sits atop carved trunk

with elephantine snouts seeking

joy stick retribution  a sombre moment

with three of your kin  64 pixels

on your back  carry a heavy

load up the ammunition 

with a warm face  a trace of

gun powder promise in the air

you salivate an explosive

toggling your mind

reflecting expectations

Sound & Light

Round is a polite shape

to learn  to recite  to birth


See  de

mons escape  Allow

heaven to read them


a needlepoint  penning 

the bible  like

a fractured voice  learning

to use language

The Unemployed

craftsman  sportsman

bashed by how you are

remembered  empty  calories

consumed by sensual appetite

ah c’était bon  mon amour

ton allure sur le sol  l’étage 

recite to me your promise

to not keep a promise

whilst you drip your

water color lust

atop your bed 

I can’t stop seeing





in the mirror




All manner of




molecular bricks  laying

ashen upon table

sous le sable qui en voie

harkenings of the OUCH

Spiney leaves  me behind

in the store bought soil

digging around for  whored

out oil y skin  akin & atune

FINELY tuned whisker plants

revealing  beneath shade 

I am not the maid

February births gusts of color

An orchestra hangs

from wires

twelve sheets

none as primary as 

the last wind blown


Can you see March

Can you remember the

future Aprils & Mays

Our beasts tied to strings riding 

the joy  buoyant  billows

I can hold (the world)

your love  in loafs  I

can crunch the eccentricity &

idiosyncronisity  A symphony of

crackle  Can you believe we’ve

been baking for nearly 12 months

I am proud of the folding  I adore 

each ingredient  gradient  torchlit

fluttering cocoon  vespertine surprise

If I could  I would  & since I will

HOLD STILL  fast  Let me trickle

my love across  your mantle  crust

Poem a day drafts 31-38

Slow-burn to Graceland

I am wooden:




drifting; waterfalling 


And, honey,

my branches can’t reach


Homes are made 

of me, my nature

is to unmove. To undo 

the amber fox’s wedding vows. 

The fawn’s Godmother;


hearkens the rain for a blessing.

Angels bathe in tears.

Use that cloudburst

for baptism.

Palms drip

the gospel of Imhotep

upon foreheads in


Converting nonbelievers



of the forest.


a retreat into cavernous


my humble heart

with archways, spread-eagle

for the ivy to copulate with

stone. Bricks trembling

like piano keys that don’t match

my locked potential. 

Vibrating laptop speaker,

you’re so well integrated into

this world of mine. I’m too

tapped in

to notice the beat is tracing

my pulse like a chalk-outline.

In the empty

spaces, in the fragments

of light and shadow;

there, float & trickle the embers.

Fire places an importance

on silence.

Miracle of friction, man-made

by masturbating a tree’s arm

& pebble. Something cosmic reaches

deep inside of us when we

come to this alter. This

portal to our self.

We commune with pixel spirits,

pesky sprites of lore. But, there’s

solace in the heat lost

when the ram tossed their

borrowed antlers into the pit.

Rage: the unwanted soul,

laced with passion,

can only be deleted

when Grace: the devoted god,

empty of ecstasy,

is wiped

from the screen.

Right side up

(> = right side page)


emotion s

a r e  n o t 












spout sprinkling

tongue dripping

toxic forest I call tufts of hair

curling in their ecstatic 


scattered featherweight

bones    rattling   cage

screaming   release  me  from

this stone-sprout mirage

clouding my eyes

seye ym gniduolc

egarim tours-enots siht

morf  em  esaeler  gnimaercs

egac  gnilttar  senob

thgiewrehtaef derettacs


citatsce rieht ni gnilruc

riah fo stfut  llac  I tserof cixot

gnippird eugnot

gnilknirps tuops












t o n  e r a 

s noitome


Signs of love,, like a __

She wakes up in the middle

             of the night

to listen  to me  breathe  she

says      « I love you »    like a

three  word  check  in  or a

thermometer  checking background

radiation  or a

new planet  for

signs of life.

He hyper- texts me job- adds  

like a  single digit

knowing  it’s   alien- status

intrudes  with  unwelcome  tears.

     Next time, dial zero
   for help.

Baker wriggles  his foot  a tongue

in the  black  space  of the  lamp

lit table  like 

antenae of worker ants

excavating  the organ  molded

on cliffside,  by blood- acid rain.

I hover over  this silent  room

a group chat  a scary set back

unraveling thread we

don’t  want

to recognize.

Momma – lyrics

oil sheds such a

rainbow sheen on you

we sever our golden thread

covering sky blues

but we can dance in


when the summer slaps

the beat too hard

and momma tilts her

winter snaps

cold – rubber

Why can’t Tori sing?

Baker baker baking a cake

Make me a day, make me 



My mother told me

when I was fresh plucked

from the sky: « You hear 

but you don’t

listen. »

I communed with her words

mortar & pestled them with

lungfist & millheart.

Now this ingredient is

powder; digestif. 


Thought I’d make friends

with time

When a woman opens

her mouth,

listen. The voice alone

rings a sirenic truth,

primordial lessons. C’mon,

take it from Eve. Fruitfire &


{ One y I } the fish out of water – revised / undone

Arms of water pulled me. Here, I don’t care to breathe.

I was murky. I was Ionian.

No sea witch could cure this


Old bait & lure.

I was found covered in bacteria

birthed by barnacle mouths.

I; a fish in need of flying lessons,

shed old lovers who’d never been lovers.

Bed covers covered in

seamen who don’t


“that you don’t

reprimand,” your … ghosts.

Wind sure still has a lot to learn,

about staying in one place.

Poem a day drafts 23-30

Song of Mary

Welcome to Mary’s room where

love’s never been so

black & white

She’s got everything in her books

If you find a blank page then you’ll

have found a lovely light

They go on & on about nothing

Leaf after leaf, like

secrets shed

by rainfed trees

ዋርኮ ዋርኮ

Bearing the earth 

ዋርኮ ዋርኮ

Loosens our turf

Cut your teeth on

cinnamon sticks

Turmeric stains,

better run, quick!

Mary’s mind is a gate,

swinging iron, oxidizing

Disheveled roots climb to her

window; persephone’s ivies

Dare you peak over the canopy?

ዋርኮ ዋርኮ

Rhythm; your thread

ዋርኮ ዋርኮ

Shoulders ahead…

Perfect Storm

Please don’t

empty clouds into me.

Rivers run; positive & minus veins

fleeing the sky god.

Eroding the sod & soil to escape Eden.

Containment is not love.

Thunder is not victory.


tormenting the rain for falling.

Organizing water droplets, as if

rearranging earth for harvest equates sin with



Zebra; black with white stripes or

white with black. The question stares

me down on every government leaflet.

Even maple begs me to choose. It forces

a fuzzy metamorphosis 

of melanin,

for political reason. I know black is

absolute lack & white is queerness hiding

in daylight. But, nobody needs 

« White Pride » to prove the red

queen right. The mind trick, the heart 

lifted by decks of cards; stacks of

potential origami.

Lipping ink, the paper pegasus dips

her hooves into dark skies; staining

her intention with Cain sugar. 


she sheds ashen foliage. Lightning smiles,

as her cotton children dance, landing atop

the heads of travelers. Dandelion spirits

sprout in the scalp, and the traveler is infected

with his ancestor.

They will carry the seeds of stripes,

join the tribe & recognize

roaring hooves; their herd. The traveler will lay

their knapsack of knowing down,

& set up home in the trampled dirt. 

« I know you » nestles into my ears. 

I love these lines with the care

of a singe-wingéd beast, too shy to leap

from pages. 

Too proud to be defined by


Fair Trade

Folds  or  tree ring


Skirting along rigid vertebrae 

Chasing palm leaf  Wind up doll

  leaking   ba-ba 

    in Bali

Brown cherry  Roasted

  by digestion

Shall we let the sea

  swallow our seed

 Spillage  Shrinkage

  in sunlit Jakarta

Finding tourists in

  your shit

    they sure do love it here

Hey  whatever it takes

   for that brown skinned

     100% Arabica 


“I’m sleeping in a snowbank.”

Medicine for a Pretentious Asshole

You know that prickly feeling?

Your hands and feet weren’t

talking to the rest of your body;

You generate lightning from fingers by

touching someone else;

That shock is

in my chest.

It’s heaviness

from the day.

From the way you, « try

your best. »

And the way I know

I didn’t.

I wish this electric soup

in my stomach

on no one.

We gain no nourishment

from this electric soup


And, what a silly life to lead;

artist, poet, songwriter; planting

fire, hoping it’ll stop

the human-condition from

catching a cold.

Weaving stories in the night

sky, won’t buy your bread.

Painting what?

Tulips? Chimneys?

You can pick up

as many leaves off

the ground

as you want;

they don’t die when they

come to land. 

Palms are a safe place

for you, Fèy. 

So, sip the electric soup.

Let the spark wash

your insides; friction is

temporary, but Oh, how it ignites

and reminds of the why.

Why you fall

but don’t die when

you land. Why

your midnight brown

eyes call without a sound.

Why you fit so

purely in a hand.

Why do you get that prickly feeling

in your chest? That ink pen pricking

soft lump of clay?

It’s the spirit flowing back

into your heart. So, sip the soup;

it’s resuscitation; a restart.

You’ll be ok.

_e ther_ -eal – {reframed

i said i can swim well


cut to – me; panting and drowning

tasting brine, bitterness, tears

adrenaline deposits in shells


i told you i’m adventurous


cut to – me on the couch

cringing in my comfort-zone

seas of sheets; unfinished books at my feet


i declared my intelligence


cut to – me; misspelling “salary”

salarie? Sal- Proto-Indo-European root meaning “salt”

but that’s only hypothetical


i said i would _e ther_


cut to – me; leaving bread-crumbs

promises for the seagulls

vows are for the birds, after all


Poem a day drafts 15-22

Behind Thin Walls

Oh, I didn’t see you there. Welcome to our

home. The window panes are sloped so I don’t

spend my day staring at a rubbled alley. An occasional

seagull, with ink dipped wings and truth dipped bill, comes 

delivering Oceana’s secrets.

Guitar strings hang from our rafter ceiling;

they coil clockwise to stay warm, and drop

woolen autumn on our heads. 

Our paper mâché home is complete with tin

carvings of trains⟶if you wait patiently, and

think hard enough, they chug along tracks

steaming our faces. Useful, right? Oh, don’t

touch that spot, can’t you see it’s sore?

If you caress it gently, it calms right down. There,

now where was I? Ah, yes. Isn’t the moon lovely,

in their dress? The clouds make a warm shawl.

Those jewels are heirlooms I asked to borrow

some night.

We have a piece of their sun in every corner

to keep our eyes open. Do you fancy a drink?

We keep two Aquarians in our ice box,

so they stay in the past. My twin doesn’t

care for them, but enjoys their gifts.

Our floor was a silver fish, cold to the touch

when we moved in.

So, we gathered foliage from every colored plume

and painted them with sin, emeralds, turmeric 

dust. Stop! You’re leaning on the wall too much!

Your shoulder shouldn’t sink against it. Oh! 

Now you’ve gone and done it. Now we have to

clean up this mess. After we get all the

junk we stuffed, back behind our assemblage.

Plaster some band-aids, and hide the churning.

It isn’t quite vintage yet, but we were saving old fights.

The voices and the yearning could

start a fire. You never know how lonely you get,

until you start using anger to keep you company.

Alright, that’s enough. Wining and dining could stain the foliage.

So, let’s just tape this hole shut before

something ugly falls out. It’s been a while

since the storage was this full,

and my home was this


A Child’s Laugh [Haiku]

Sleeping memory

Splitting sky down the middle

Lightning Tunneling


I woke up in a strange place  My mother had

tucked me into bed  The moon was dripping

red  & adorned in cherry pit  Casm  Deep

An ocean of juiced pomegranate hearts  Dropping

seeds off at preschool  Punctuality has no place

in poetry  So  forget ticking astronomy

Rewind ovarian smile  Mothers beg for

the shattered glass spirits  Leave them

Weavable tapestries  Glow-worm behind 

sunlight  Casting stains along the tired chapel floor 

Give in to the light-bearer  Peace on string

Luciferian solstice  Understanding of the dark 

promises no illumination  So  perhaps  falling

stars must be chased  Night sky  Calls for geminid

showers  Flitting about  Humming birds with

unearthly glow  Sharing shingle arms

This odyssey isn’t over  You cast your heavy anchor eyes  and catch no fish 

There is no nourishment if the bruised blackness remains 

Unexposed film on countertop  Doors wilt when

you leave them closed  Too long  Knock twice

I don’t think she heard you  I don’t think she hears

us saying her name  Jezebell  Jezebell Jezebell

Call it off

« Hi, this is Fey. I’m calling to let you know

something’s come up; I have to cancel

my interview for today. » The rendezvous;

a momentary lapse in time. A crime that

must be punished. A chronological 

perversion. I wear the face of medusa

on my wrist. These boxes we put around

our bodies can be


if we venerate our arrow heads. These

boxes we put around our schedules

as we gallop through cocaine white

fields of paper, can be


by tattooing our 

veins with inconsequence…

october 17} revised 

a blind man would notice the 

way i looked 

at you.

halfway down the stairs you 

spun me about face
to yours..

in that moment we were 

withering leaves 


your hand  

on my lower back screamed  Venus

your puncturing voice whispered  Pluto….

this was our square, the light years
betwixt night sky

& your window

october 2018 revisited 

We were the liminality;

a hushed finality on your lips &

a tipping scale

over your guest

restroom toilet, into which

cosmic vomit spilled

my guts filled our


better than

this edible silence

I swallowed like pride.

Enjoy the bouquet of

my absence.

It’s preserved by the

saltwater between continents.

Or rather, the saltwater

rivering my face.

Hey, I couldn’t let it

stain your floor, so

I found a ladder,

& climbed out

of stagnation.

But, I left you

my old name

at the door.

& [the sun smoked himself to sleep] & – unrevised

( i hearken the spark of sunshine you salivate

 i am an unwatered seed 

of affection

,; ,;;awaiting radiance;;, ;,

 the dew drop that will activate

our insides / \ our reflections

do you notice these gradients?

 gods cry & devils dance

 what a beautiful connection

water knows the power: the introspection.

take a chance

 you gorgeous misconception )

Mr. Busy Bee revisited